Our breeding began with our love of the Purebred Spanish Horse and high-level classical dressage.

The horses of Pure Bred Spanish horses were used as prestige horses in many European courts, where they were then called broom of Spain, the Spanish "jinete", which means rider, and as mounts for the herders.

Currently, they excel in dressage, high school, especially at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, but also in dressage for competition.

They also have the favour of the riders of circus and spectacle.They are often used in film thanks to their shape and good temperament.

Our goal is to breed horses for the Purebred Spanish sport:

elegance - reactivity - locomotion - suspension - engagement of the posteriors - health - character.


This research directs us to the horses, which get a result in dressage and model and gaits.

The stallions used are known for their performance and/or progeny such as :

Poseido XIII (high school horse)

Alegre LXV (grand prix horse and calificado)

Gibraltar (St-Georges level), horse recognized by the press as one of the best horses of Pure Spanish Race in Belgium,and many more ...


Our broodmares have been carefully selected on own performance, and exceptional origins.
This selection allows us to provide you with quality horses, elegant and functional, with the skills necessary for high-level classical dressage.