A few results :


Tribunal reproducteur calificado 2010



Calificado Only 3 horses have been admitted Calificado by the RC Benelux court.

Has been choosen as a standard improver of the bred . 

Master of the Cheval Ibérique 2010


Alegre  (rider: Van Oekel Daphné)

08/2010 Magistral (Inter II) 55.00% second 
06/2010 Magistral (Inter II) 59.74% first
05/2010 Magistral (Inter II) 57.37% first

National competitions 2010


Alegre (rider: Daphné Van Oekel) 

05/2010 CDN Etrier Inter I  63.68%
05/2010 CDN Flemalle Inter I 62.63%

Dressage place 2009-2010 (winter preparatories to nationals, all races)


Alegre (rider: Daphné Van Oekel) 

02/2010 Inter I  66% first
02/2010 CDN Zandhoven InterI 62%  
02/2010 Inter II 59,10%  

National competitions 2009


Alegre (rider: Daphné Van Oekel) 

06/2009 CDN Duisburg Inter I   64,47%  
07/2009 CDN Coupe de Walonie Kur Int. I 66%  
10/2009 CDN St Nicolas Inter I 63.30%  
10/2009 CDN Gèves Inter II 60,13% first

Master du cheval Ibérique 2010


Alegre (rider: Daphné Van Oekel) 

Champion Challenge RLM Iberica 2009

10/2010 RLM Iberca (St George) first
09/2010 RLM Iberca (St George) first
07/2010 RLM Iberca (St George) second
06/2010 RLM Iberca (St George) first
05/2010 RLM Iberca (St George) first