Daughter of Bardissa



Miura (50%)

Yeguada Miura is a breeding which started in 1845.  It is worldwide known for their fighting bulls that are among the most fearsome.   

At that time and even now, the horse is a cornerstone in the management of herds. 

Their horses must have a lot of heart and good character.  They are also functional, fast and flexible

Used as work horses, they have acquired a very high resistance.   


Arpa (50%)

It is the oldest farm in Catalonia which gave birth to great champions.


and of Poseido

Poseido is a horse with excellent movements.  It has an execptional health and is still working now, 25 years old.  It has good dry members. 
It is a horse that makes ST-georges + passage et piaffe.

Its origins are Y. Militar :

The yeguada MILITAR has  for many people the best herd of Spain.   

Lines from the best training results. 
The horses of «Yeguada Militar» helped to create Spain and are the source of the history of the Spanish horse.  Their horses have contributed to the improvement of the race.  
The YM has won a  place in the history of life and evolution of the Spanish horse.