Daughter of Janda

Origins : BOHORQUEZ (the father's side) Line established in 1892 with old mares of Zapata and Corbacho farms. After four generations of reproductions of selections competitive products are born. These horses have been recognized and are morpho-functional at both national and international level. Its father, Rondeno IX, won multiple times the title of champion of Spain in SICAB..


Rondeno IX: Champion of Spain 2002-2005

It is also calificado, which means he was chosen as one of the top 500 horses of pure Spanish race, to improve the breed.


And of Ventero

Its origins : Placas de Armas (95% father's side), which has produced many recognized stallions, such as:

  • Armas Tarugo

Absolute champion of Spain in functionality SICAB 2007

Champion of Spain in morphology and functionality in 2009

  • Armas Zarzeno
Vice champion of Spain - functionality SICAB 2008
Gibraltar Alegria: