Gelding of pure Spanish race, bay, good morphology and very good character.

  •   -  It measures about 1 m 64.
  •   -  It was aaproved to reproduction (Apto).
  •   -  It has very good sources. (Yeguada Cardenas)
  •   -  Its three gaits have good quality.

It misjudges easily in the walk, takes a good range trot and has a very good balance at a gallop.

x-ray.jpg         v-check.jpg

He climbs easily into the van and the truck. Very affectionate and good character.

Work: three gaits, pass in transit, shoulder-in, leg-yielding,  half pass, counter-canter, change of leg,every 4 and 3 steps, canter pirouette, piaffe  etc... level St Georges