Grey stallion of pure Spanish race, born in 2003. Horse with a beautiful model, excellent movements, and a lot of strength in the hind legs. It has a very good character, is very affectionate at the box and is very easy to ride. 
It is well fitted in all 3 paces, leg-yielding, shoulder-in, half pass, counter canter, change of leg, change of leg in the air, Spanish walk,  piaffe, passage, etc…


Reproductive calificado (500 in the world, equivalent to the elite in the BWP).  


Recognized as improver stallion of the breed. 


Ideal as a breeding stallion saw its exceptional origins, its movements and its model. It has great potential for high-level classical dressage. It is not hot on the other horses.

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It also has the Certificate of Cordoba, i.e. that there is no trace of osteochondrosis